Meal Support Program


Meal support is a critical component in the management of eating disorders. Research has shown that significant recovery work takes place during meals, including exposure to fear foods and the unlearning of conditioned eating disorder behaviours (e.g., restriction, slow eating, deconstructing food, cutting food into tiny pieces, taking tiny bites, etc.).

Tikvah Clinic invites you to join us for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week between 1.00-1.45pm.

Each week you will be asked to bring your lunch according to the theme of the week. Lunches will be guided by the Plate-by Plate Approach. E.g., sandwich/wrap/roll week.

Each day you will bring a different sandwich/wrap/roll for lunch. Your meal will need to include carbohydrates (50% e.g., 2 slices of bread), veges (25% e.g., carrot, beetroot, tomato), protein (25% e.g., turkey), dairy (e.g., cheese) and fat (e.g., avo).

Cost: $120/week

Location: Tikvah Clinic – 18 Vernon St, Woollahra


*NEW* – Tikvah Clinic would like you to join us for dinner on Thursday nights between 5.30-6.15pm 

Cost: $30 

Location: Tikvah Clinic – 18 Vernon St, Woollahra

The goals of the Tikvah Meal support program are:

  • Normalise eating behaviour
  • Facilitate weight gain/weight maintenance
  • Re-introduce eating as a pleasant social experience
  • Increase confidence around a healthy food intake
  • Decrease fear of food
  • Decrease disordered eating rituals and routines e.g., decrease rule bound eating

Meal support groups require a minimum of 4 participants. Groups are capped at 6 participants

To secure a spot in the meal support program please email Ariana Elias at