Art & Yoga Therapy


Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy where one is able to use the creative process of making art to explore feelings and express unconscious material that is often difficult to articulate in words.

Art therapy is not about someone showing you what to draw or how to paint. It is about working through the issues that come up in the process of creation. Art therapy is a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious, for self-realisation and for exploring an alternative path to healing.

Art therapists are trained in both art and therapy. They are knowledgeable about human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, spiritual, multicultural and artistic traditions, and the healing potential of art. Art therapists work with people of all ages.

 There are many reasons why people find art therapy beneficial. For example:

  • to express feelings that may be difficult to verbalise
  • to explore their imagination and creativity
  • to develop healthy coping skills and focus
  • to improve self-esteem and confidence
  • to increase communication skills
  • to share in a safe nurturing environment
  • to identify blocks to emotional expression and personal growth.

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Tikvah Clinic is offering trauma-informed yoga to support healing by gently assisting you to reconnect with your body. This yoga practice complements conventional cognitive therapies to create a non-coercive environment that suits your experience in your body – a place that cultivates access to your own innate healing.

This unique yoga is designed to help you develop a sense of comfort, strength and safety within your body. You will develop an increased awareness of your body, learn how to recognise and manage physiological arousal and focus on generating positive emotions. Classes are interoceptive, not prescriptive.

Trauma-informed yoga brings the body into treatment serving to compliment talk therapy.

Private and Shared classes available   

Days: Monday and Friday

Location: Tikvah Clinic – 16 Vernon St, Woollahra


Private class at Tikvah Clinic: $120

Shared class at Tikvah Clinic (2 ppl): $70pp

Private zoom class: $60  

For appointments please email Suzanne at


Suzanne Cohen

Suzanne Cohen began her yoga practice in 1999. She completed her yoga teacher training with Penny Cuthbert and is a registered teacher with Yoga Australia. Her practice is enhanced by Sanskrit studies with Dr Stephanie Majcher, and Anatomy and Physiology studies with Simon Borg Olivier. She continues to learn yoga under the guidance of Sundernath and Emma Balnaves.

For appointments please email Suzanne at