Day Program


Our goal at Tikvah Clinic is to individualise your care and create a supportive outpatient environment for your recovery. Whether you are stepping down from a higher level of care (e.g., hospital) or needing a higher level of care (e.g., more than 1x therapy/week) our aim is to develop a comprehensive eating disorder outpatient program that is right for you.

The below timetable has been used with permission from a patient (HC) at Tikvah Clinic. HC needed daily support at a critical time in her treatment to help her to continue toward her recovery goals.

  Therapy GP Dietitian Lunch support Yoga Art
Monday 8.30-9.30     1-1.45   2.00-4.00
Tuesday       1-1.45 11.30-12.30  
Wednesday   10-11   1-1.45    
Thursday     11.30-12.30 1-1.45    
Friday 8.30-9.30       11.30-12.30  


We are able to offer individualised support in the following areas:

1.    Psychology

2.    Medical

3.    Dietetic

4.    Meal support

5.    Yoga

6.    Art