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Why Tikvah Clinic?

Individuals with eating disorders often need physical, psychological, and nutritional care. At Tikvah Clinic, you will have access to work with an expert multidisciplinary team who will ensure that your medical, psychological and dietetic needs are met. Because your practitioners work collaboratively, you will receive top level, holistic, clinically evaluated treatment, designed to help you recover.

What is recovery?

Physical recovery. This includes restoring weight to an appropriate level for the individual, normalising electrolyte and hormone levels, resuming menstruation (if applicable), and any other health issues caused by the eating disorder.

Behavioural recovery. This includes eliminating all food restriction, overexercise, purging, and binge eating.

Psychological recovery. This includes addressing the cognitive and emotional aspects of the eating disorder, such as body dissatisfaction, all or nothing relationship to food and exercise, perfectionism, rules around food, eating, and weight. As well, psychological recovery involves learning how to manage feelings without turning to/away from food and exercise. We also help with all co-occurring mental health conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders, to support lasting recovery.

Recovery is possible

Some individuals will recover within months of completing a professional treatment program. Others might be in a recovery period that lasts many years. The process will be different for everyone but the goal is the same at Tikvah Clinic. We believe recovery is possible and we are here to help you get there.